Ant repellents

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This works for us!!

Ants can be repelled by vinegar, cayenne pepper, citric extracts, bone meal, cinnamon, cream of tartar, salt, and perfume.

You will have to keep trying different repellents to find the one your ants aren’t willing to tolerate. Place lines of the selected repellent at points of entry and at various points along their path.

Every morning we would find ants on the kitchen counter even though there were no dishes or food on the counters. They find one little speck and send out the word to come.

We sprinkled cayenne powder from my spice shelf and voila – no more ants. It was like magic.

Why not try one of the items listed above if you have ants.

(PS: Ants, like most undesirable species are seasonal and typically can be a nusance for a week to a month.)



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