Attractive New grater for garlic, cheese and other uses

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Would you like to prepare garlic without cutting or scraping your hands? Read on…. you will see that I can grate, chop and slice garlic easily and cleanly.

I love gadgets that make food preparation fun and I search them out also. My son-in-law gave me the ceramic garlic grating dish and brush with skin remover for Christmas this year. I love it. It will also grate cheese. Not only is it attractive on my kitchen shelf; it also is a neat way to entertain guests  by shaving cheese at the table. If you would like one of these please contact me at our website.

The white box cuts garlic into small dice or into slices depending how you place the plate that you see in the picture.

As many of my readers know, I love to cook and search for healthful foods and recipes. I try to eat foods grown and produced in Mexico. Previous blogs have been about Mexican olive oil, where it is grown and I have sources where I buy it. The weekly organic market is a must go destination.

Happy cooking, Linda

Garlic tools

Garlic tools

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