What is cooking Sous Vide?

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IMG_1985Last year we visited our daughter in the San Francisco area of California. Every time I went to one of the super  kitchen stores I looked at the Sous Vide cookers. So… our daughter and son sent me a SansAire Sous Vide cooker  for Christmas and I have not looked back since.

What a marvelous way to cook. The salmon I cook is so sweet, the pork tenderloin so evenly cooked and tender. These are just a few of dishes that I have tried.
I want to share this cooking method with you as, it is to my mind fabulous.

So…what is Sous Vide Cooking?
Sous Vide is a French cooking technique developed in France in the 1970’s. It translates to “under vacuum”. The food is vacuum sealed in a cooking pouch and heated to a precise temperature in a water bath. You set the temperature and time and can expect consistent perfect results.
I use zip lock bags, making sure all air is expelled.  These pictures are of pork tenderloin  prepared in zip lock bags, ready to sous vide and the result, Don is slicing the ever so tender pork. Try it- You will like it!!

Bye for now. I’m off to the kitchen to sous vide another pork tenderloin for dinner tonight!

Your Kitchen Gourmet Cooking Lover, Linda  Bon Provecho

Sous Vide



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