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( Save an Hour or more ! )

As with any Mexican documentation one should be prepared. Obtaining this document is more convoluted than many jurisdictions north of the borders.

You require:

1-Passport + copy

2-Immigration Card (Temporal or Permanente) + copy- or Voter Card if Mexican

3-Recent Telmex Bill (with your name and address) + copy

4-Previous Mexican Drivers License- + copy (mine had expired about one year earlier- was using mine from Ontario, Canada to legally drive)

5-Payment Receipt ( 455 pesos-the norm) from :

the Chapala license bureau on Degallado  or from a Banamex Branch, Account # -870-55534-9

(when paying at the Chapala License Bureau they kept the copy of my Immigration card so have an EXTRA.

The closest place to Chapala to obtain your license is at Plaza Las Torres in Guadalajara- on the north side of Lazaro Cardenas, pulling off to the collector lanes at the IMSS exit, and making a right turn into underground parking at the MEGACABLE building in the Plaza. The bureau is up a few steps towards  the  back of the Plaza.  Arriving- it is confusing- even for first time Mexicans. You do not pick a number and wait for it to be called. Instead- there are about 5 or 6 lines (L-1 to L-6 on the drawing) and the numbers represent the order in which you proceed. Everyone was very kind and very patient. Knowing more Spanish would certainly have been helpful. The whole process took between 2 ½ to 3 hours. (For 2 of our friends- the same week, it took 5 hours- so be prepared.

Prepaying and having all copies is definitely advised and will save you going to Station 2 and 7.

1-Floor Plan 3_0002

(The Area 7 is for Copies and a CURP Card if you do not have them. Highly advised to get them before you arrive).

1-License Renewal-L3 & L1& L2

  • Upon arriving- go to 1 – the agent will check all your docs. And if correct – STAMP and SIGN them. (necessary for station 4). (L-1, was a short line -10 to 20 minutes- although has been an hour).
  • L-2- Line up to PAY- if not prepaid. ( If you have prepaid and have receipt- omit L-2)
  • L-3-The longest line- from outside to inside- standing- sitting and standing (about 2 hours).
  • L-4-A short extension of L-3, It is controlled by the door agent- when space is available, he will
  • send you into station 4. The agent checks the docs. –prepares the info for the new license and has you check it for correctness. When you sign it- you are sent line 5.
  • 2-L4 & L6
  • L-5 is  to have your photo and fingerprints taken. L-5- about 10 to 20 minutes. When finished- you pass all your papers to agent 6 who will print out your new license. Then you go to L-6 to wait.
  • L-6- Lineup about 15 to 20 minutes to receive your new driver´s license. The door agent will bring it to you from agent 6. (Others in this line may clap as you receive your license). Good Luck!
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