Email and Texts to Doctors: Not Just for High-Income Patients, Publication Date: 4/17/2013

by Wright Team Mexico 17. April 2013 07:50

Those of you who follow my posts, may remember that 2 years ago I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. My Mexican dra. has kept we well balanced through diet and Metformin. I also have a daily exercise regime.

While we were in Japan last June and July I e-mailed her my glucose readings from my dLife app. so that she could monitor me from her office in Ajijic, Mexico.

This article came in today and I am so pleased to see that more doctors are using media to monitor their patients.

Here is a clip from the article and a link to the article itself. Good reading!!

“A surprising finding was the impressive strength of electronic communication utilization—providers in public health clinics were shocked and had no idea so many patients would be interested,” said Schickedanz. “Providers realized they could manage ‘Mr. Smith’s’ diabetes control from home, that he could log glucose levels and send them in, as opposed to having him travel an hour each way to come in and get vital signs checked. Overall, it’s been a nice moment—to learn what can be done for patients and providers alike.”

I would love any comments that you can offer. Cheers, Linda

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