Gold medal for Mexican “Mision” olive oil

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I continue my search for products made in Mexico.

I found Misiones Gold Medal winner Mexican olive oil (awarded at the International competition in New York) at Soriana in Puerto Vallarta in October . Previously I had bought one in Chapala Soriana. No more were stocked. So I thought I would try in PV while there and voila!
I bought three bottles. I am in the process of buying Mexican produced products since we live here. Olive oil is just one product. It has a lovely light taste. It is the middle bottle in the picture.
MISIONES olive oil from Caborca, Sonora, Mexico –
superior category,
Extra Virgen,
picked by hand,
first press,
cold pressed in first 24 hours,
minimal mechanical processing.
Low in acid less than 0.2% (read my blog Characteristics of Olive Oil)
Missions olive tree variety (read my blog Olive Tree Varieties for more information)

Recently my husband and I held an olive oil tasting party. We learned the steps in doing so while visiting an olive grove tasting in Napa and – a gift from our daughter. We bought the lemon infused oil from the shop at the grove and were given a recipe for ice cream with lemon olive oil. What a treat! I have introduced this treat to a number of friends who were delighted with the taste.

Contact us at our, should you wish the complete recipe.
Read my new blog on our Olive Oil Tasting Party.

As an added NOTE: I heard today on the TV that Spain and Italy are having olive tree woes, so Mexico may be the best place to buy the oil. Just a thought. Linda


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