Linda’s Specialty Food Spoons

My last post was about using the Sous Vide cooking method, which I love. I hope you read it. Yesterday it was featured on Your Morning on CTV.

Today I want to share with you some specialty spoons that I have collected to enrich our dining experience, mainly at breakfast which is usually our largest meal of the day.

We start our breakfast meal with fruit, either grapefruit, cantaloupe or a berry bowl and sometimes a combination of all with Greek yogurt.

The attached picture show a grapefruit spoon which makes eating the fruit easy and a pleasure. The other fruit spoon is for cantaloupe which also makes it easy to eat.

The small spoon is for soft boiled eggs; fits nicely in an egg with a shell. The last spoon is for eating ice cream. I found these in Tokyo on a visit and have since seen little plastic ones provided here by ice cream vendors. They make a nice little scoop.

If you are interested I would be available to find you such special spoons. They make nice gifts for those who indulge in the above mentioned fruits.

Kitchen Gourmet Cooking  Lover, Linda 









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