We Live in a small condo in Ajijic, Mexico

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Don and I live in a condo of about 1000 sq. feet, so when I received the following article on a Mother Earth News email I felt that I should share how much we enjoy our “tiny-house” in Ajijic.

“Living in a tiny house is good for the environment and for the wallet, but requires a lifestyle shift…”  from –  “7 Tips for Living in a Tiny House”. This is true and rewarding. We seem to have used all the tips in our upgrades.

We made changes in our master bedroom by covering the walls in “his” and “hers” floor to ceiling closets with drawers and mine even has a vanity.

I designed the bathroom cabinets so that the bottom drawer in each bathroom takes 1/2 of the bathroom tissue package from Costco (32 rolls, I think).

We redesigned our kitchen, adding cabinets that reach the ceiling, pull outs for spices, cooking utensils, every thing close at hand for the chef of the day. We also designed a pantry that has amazing space. We added a bar with overhead cabinets and hanging glass holders. This gets Don out of the kitchen while I am cooking, so that he can serve refreshments to our guests at the same time.

Our most recent addition was a wall system in the living-dining area. Last week I converted one of the large drawers into a desk for me with a small side drawer to hold my desk items. When not in use as a desk it slides back into the wall system as a drawer holding our table linens.

We live on the ground floor with a large back yard and a view to the lake, and allowing me to garden. Being in a gated community we have a pool and a club house and excellent security. What more could one want?

Best desk pic                                                             My  desk in the wall system.

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