Olive oil from Mexican olives

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I have been researching if there is olive oil produced in Mexico and voila! I found a lot of information that led to me buying some and tasting it against others from the supermarket – to me it is so much better – a clean, nice taste.

Following the discovery of America, the olive grew out of the confines of the Mediterranean Sea and its surroundings. When the Spanish arrived in the New World in 1492, among the possessions were olives and olive oil, however, it was years after the Conquest that Fray Martin de Valencia brought the first olive trees to Mexico, from Seville, in more...

Our oils are marketed in Mexico and the international market in various forms and presentations under the brands: Olivarreal®, Olivares de la Sierra® and Tuliva®.

Here is the olive oil made from olives grown in Mexico. - Two-producing areas are in Lower Oliva Rancho San Telmo, south of Ensenada, BC (Baha California), and the Rancho La Mesa, in the Valley of Mexicali. Olive groves are specific to the company, with 70,000 trees in production. In December 2006, we produced 180,000 liters of extra virgin olive oil. By 2009, production had increased to 500,000 liters per year.

This particular olive oil is from Baja California, Mexico. Try it you may prefer it.

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