Rejuvenate yourself in Ajijic at Lake Chapala, Mexico

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by Wright Team Mexico 27. July 2011 12:52 Reprinted July 18, 2014by Linda

Ajijic is home to a number of North Americans and Europeans who would not live any where else.

“Why”? You may ask. One of the many reasons is the healthy life style.

We enjoy nutritious, colourful, fresh fruits and vegetables year round at very reasonable cost. We have the option of organic produce also.

Our health improves, you need only ask many of the residents and they will tell you amazing stories of renewed vigor, body image and with it new interests in fitness and other activities that make life so fulfilling here.

Because we have wonderful produce so readily available I have taken to trying no ways of preparing meals: less meat, more vegetable dishes served sometimes with, sometimes without chicken and fish.

I would like to share two links from websites that I receive e-mails from regularly. Snowbirds could use these recipes also as summer and fall harvests are available.

Below is a picture of my favourite company coming dessert – 5 fresh locally grown berries in a red currant sauce.

Here is what market day looks like every Wednesday were people stock up on fresh produce for the week.

We invite you to come and sample some of the good life in Ajijic!! Don and I will show were these good things are to be found.


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