A True Organic Farmers` Market in Ajijic, Mexico

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by Wright Team Mexico 9. January 2014 06:1
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When I finished reading“The Omivores` Dilemma, I had a renewed interest in eating even better. You might ask – “eating even better”? Yes, we have always watched our diet, and more so since I was found to be pre-diabetic in 2011. My doctora is fabulous and teaches us so much about food. My sugar is stabilized and I want to keep it that way.

We made a decision to shop at the Tuesday and Friday Organic Farmers`Markets in Ajijic weekly. The greens are so fresh and veggies so colourful. The free range eggs sit right up in the fry pan both as sunny side up and poached. Eggs are part of our daily breakfast and to eat these is a treat, even though a little bit more expensive. We tried free range fed beef fillet mignon    – so tasty, so tender. The lamb chops are without equal. This week we tried a chicken – yum!

I would like to visit some of the farms and have collected some farmer`s information.

  • GreenGo Farms Living lettuce, Rancho La Salud Farms. Fresh, hydroponically grown using no pesticides or harmful chemicals.
  • Gomis Gardens Hortalizas Gourmet,  WOW! Do visit this website. We are so impressed that we are arranging a visit this week if possible.
As a side note: We were in Puerto Vallarta at the opening of their fall markets. Would you believe that we went to three different “Farmers Markets” and found no greens or vegetables? There were baked goods, preserves, jewelry, although we could not find produce. We are so fortunate here in Ajijic to have our farmers bring their super products to us.
As an added note, Don and I did visit Gomis Gardens and were very impressed with the facility. The owner took us on a tour. Their stall at the market has 2 long line ups to buy their tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant,  Bell peppers and more.
What you see in the picture, the wild salmon and vegetables cost us all of  about $25.00 US. We had a yummy dinner that night!
When in Ajijic do visit this wonderful market on Tuesdays 10 am to noon. Get there early or you may miss out on what you are looking for.
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