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12-Aquasizes 3Watching a recent episode of HGTV,  a couple from Texas were looking for a Vacation Home in Oliva, Spain. They, as most, would like a lot for a low price.-The view, 3 bedrooms, great location, a private pool, not to old so there was not much or any renovation and all for their budget price.

The realtor kept mentioning “compromise”, and rightly so, as it normally does not matter what is ones budget – there is some compromise necessary. (They found a very suitable place for about 10k USD more than their budget and were happy. Initially I wondered – “Texans with a Vacation Home in Spain ?”. However he was English so it was closer to his family than Mexico or Latin America. That is about a 5000 mile trip vs about 700 miles to a central Mexico place in the Sun.

Thinking of the millions of North Americans (that do not have family in the UK) that might also  like a Vacation Home in the Sun, we thought how well the Lake Chapala area, in Jalisco, Mexico might suit their criteria. 

Colorful Colon Street in Ajijic

Colorful Colon Street in Ajijic

The area consists of several small villages along the north shore of Lake Chapala- Mexico’s largest lake, and just  a 40 minute drive (on 4 lane divided highway) from Guadalajara (Mexico’s 2nd largest city), and half that to its modern, International  airport.

22-100_2008 Important criteria for Your Vacation Home might include the following:

1-      A large Ex-Pat community- This there is- probably 10,000 full timers mostly from the US and Canada with several more thousand “ Snowbirds”in the winter and somewhat fewer “Sunbirds” in the summer. As the area is at 5200 feet above sea level in the Sierra Madre Mountains with both summer and winter temperatures near perfect. Many from the coastal areas and southern US visit to avoid the heat during the summer. The  large number and percentage of Expats assures you of a great variety of activities, restaurants, and the ability of getting along with little or no Spanish. (It is always more enjoyable to know a bit.)

2-      Easy Access- from the east or western states and Canada. ( Ajijic and Chapala are in central Mexico and many Americans and Canadians drive back and forth if they are staying for more than a month or two).  “Green Angels” (like AAA or CAA trucks) frequent the main highways to offer assistance if one has vehicle problems. (Service is free- parts, if required are at cost).1-101_0110-1

The driving part in Mexico is between one and two days (depending on the border crossing) and almost all on 4 lane divided highway. Flying is an easy option for shorter trips.

3-      Availability of Vacation Homes – There is an abundance between the 100 and 200k USD. As many places north of the borders, it is a buyers market. If you are using this part time you want to be certain it is cared for when you are not there, Easy to do! There are property management firms available.

03-100_1810 In a gated complex, such as Birds of Paradise, grounds, external maintenance, security, and much more is all included. You own your own Condominium, can rent it, if you wish in the seasons you are not here. There is a full time, bilingual manager who  does an excellent job of running the facility with the maintenance, gardening and cleaning staff.

4-      Vacation Home in a Resort:- Birds of Paradise is like a resort with a Club House (Casa Club), Solar and /or Propane Heated Salt Water Pool, & Jacuzzi, Coffee/ Happy Hour snack room area, Free laundry (if your unit does not have a stackable W/D in it), Fitness Room, Library, Table Tennis, Parties and Movie Nights and much more. Many renters are long term and contribute much to the community. ( This is one example of what could be an great Vacation Home for you. There are many other options in the area depending on ones criteria.)

5-      The Lakeside Area:- The above is some of what is inside Birds of Paradise- happy couples or singles from many locations and with a zest for life. Outside- in the Villages is more, and there is great harmony among the 10 thousand or so foreigners and the 50 or so thousand Mexicans that call this area home.08-100_3228

6-      Your Vacation Home and Future: - So if you are considering that you would like to add excitement to your future, enjoy another culture, meet very interesting people, and get involved in a myriad of activities, sports, riding, golfing. Tennis, photography, writing, sewing, singing, acting, volunteering, etc. etc. you should definitely consider this area that has the best weather in the Americas, (2nd best in the World), a very reasonable cost of living, excellent and reasonable Medical care, and is easily driveable or flyable to all parts of the US and Canada.

Birds of Paradise is just a sample of the possibilities for a Vacation (permanent or retirement) home. There are many other options- larger, with private pools etc. We are happy to be of assistance. “Contact Us” and Come, Visit to Check out the Good Life !

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